MedTour Health Expo

Med Tour is staging an International Health Expo in Nairobi, Kenya, this September 2024, We intend to connect Indian hospitals with Kenya and other neighbouring African countries, alongside global healthcare leaders such as the esteemed Ministry of Health & Tourism Kenya and Indian High Commission Kenya. All are eager to explore Indian healthcare. At Med Tour, we provide a podium to achieve valuable relationships between Kenya and India in terms of health and Tourism.

About Our Founder

Geetha Bandari, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, specializes in the healthcare sector. With a history of collaborating with top brands, she has led international departments in various prestigious hospitals, notably facilitating patient influx from Africa and the Gulf to Hyderabad. Geetha’s extensive experience includes conducting medical awareness camps across Africa and the Gulf, fostering a deep understanding of international patient needs and hospital challenges, Passionate about making healthcare accessible to all, she believes it is a fundamental right.

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MedTour HEALTH EXPO Kenya 2024

The MedTour Health Expo Kenya 2024 partners with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to forge connections in the healthcare industry. It covers healthcare, medical tourism, infrastructure, and services, fostering networking and knowledge exchange. Aligned with Kenya goals, the expo seeks to improve healthcare quality and efficiency, promoting inclusivity and responsiveness in the system