Nairobi, Kenya 2024

The MedTour Health Expo Kenya 2024 partners with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to forge connections in the healthcare industry. It covers healthcare, medical tourism, infrastructure, and services, fostering networking and knowledge exchange. Aligned with Kenya goals, the expo seeks to improve healthcare quality and efficiency, promoting inclusivity and responsiveness in the system.




Join us at the International Health Expo in Kenya, Nairobi, organized by Bandari Global Healthcare, where we aim to bridge the healthcare gap. Kenya is in need of advanced infrastructure and specialized medical procedures. By bringing together Indian hospitals, we provide an opportunity to cater to the healthcare needs of Kenyan patients, who are eager for the best treatments while seeking affordable options. Together, let’s make a difference and extend our healing touch to those in need.

The expo will attract a large number of Kenyans, providing a unique opportunity for Indian hospitals to reach out to potential patients and offer them high-quality healthcare services.

 Participating in the expo will provide Indian hospitals with an opportunity to showcase their services and medical advancements on an international platform.

Establish valuable B2B connections with African countries and government officials. Engage directly with potential patients and showcase the best of Indian healthcare. Enhance your hospital’s international reputation by building relationships with African health departments.

The expo will serve as a platform for Indian hospitals to connect with Kenyan health ministries, departments, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. This can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.

By participating in the expo, Indian hospitals can enhance their brand image and reputation not only in India but also in Africa

With the exposure and connections gained at the expo, Indian hospitals may find opportunities to expand their operations in Kenya or other parts of Africa.

A large number of Kenyans will visit the expo, experiencing first hand the services of Indian hospitals.

The expo will also provide an opportunity for Indian hospitals to understand Kenyan culture and healthcare needs better, which can be beneficial in providing culturally sensitive and patient-centered care.

By participating in the expo, Indian hospitals will be contributing to global health discussions and solutions, demonstrating their commitment to improving healthcare worldwide.

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